VOLTAROL 12 Hour Emulgel P Gel, Easy Open Cap -100g

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Quick Overview

Relief of inflammation & pain in arthritic conditions.
VOLTAROL 12 Hour Emulgel P Gel, Easy Open Cap -100gVOLTAROL 12 Hour Emulgel P Gel, Easy Open Cap -100g
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Side Effects

  • Details

    Voltarol Emulgel P, helps to relieve pain, inflammation & swelling. It can be used to treat:


    • rheumatic
    •  joint & muscular sprains
    •  stains & bruises
    • sports injuries
    • tendonitis
    • tennis elbow
    • mild arthritis



    Available without a prescription

  • Directions

    Rub gently into the skin over the affected area. Apply 3-4 times a day.
  • Warnings

    For use by Adults and Children 14 and above. Do not use for more than 14 days unless recommended by a doctor.
  • Ingredients

    Diethylamine, carbomers, macrogol cetostearyl ether, cocoyl caprylocaprate, isopropyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, perfume, propylene glycol, purified water.
  • Side Effects

    What side effects could I experience? may cause stomach discomfort such as nausea and stomach pain. Be sure to take it with food and the antacids, if prescribed.

    may cause headache and dizziness. If you feel dizzy, do not drive or take part in any activity in which you need to be alert.

    If you develop swelling of the eyes or mouth, rashes or have difficulty breathing, you may be allergic to Ibuprofen. Stop the medicine and see the doctor quickly if this happens.

    Alert your doctor if any of the following symptoms are severe or refuse to go away:

    - stomach pain
    - diarrhoea
    - unusual tiredness
    - dizziness

    Some side effects may be serious and need immediate attention. These are usually more of a concern with long-term use and are usually not a problem with short-term or occasional use. Alert your doctor quickly if you experience any of these side effects:

    - problems with your eyesight such as blurred vision
    - hearing problems such as a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears
    - chest pain
    - breathlessness
    - black and sticky bowel movements

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