NICORETTE Nasal Spray - 10ml

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Powerful nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).
Keeps cravings at bay.
NICORETTE Nasal Spray - 10mlNICORETTE Nasal Spray - 10ml
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  • Details

    Provides effective relief from nicotine cravings without any tar, carbon monoxide or other harmful substances associated with smoking tobacco. As the spray is applied directly into the nostrils, nicotine is released speedily into the system which is a fast way to get relief from cravings.
  • Directions

    1. Tip your head slightly back
    2. Insert the tip of the spry into one nostril
    3. Point the tip towards the back of your nose
    4. Press quickly and firmly
    5. Spray the tip into your other nostril if required
  • Warnings

    When you first start using Nicorette Nasal Spray, you may experience a runny nose, sneezing or watery eyes.
    These effects will generally lessen within a few days.
    If you have any questions about how or when to use Nicorette Nasal Spray, ask your Pharmacist or Doctor.
    Always read the information leaflet contained in the box.
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